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Practice Facility

A truly magnificent practice facility

Our beautiful practice facility, situated a short walk from the clubhouse, is open to the public. Come and enjoy your practice surrounded by some breath-taking views. Snacks and drinks are available at the kiosk for you to enjoy in-between, and a world class studio is at hand in case you would like to assess your golfing skills! See more on this under the coaching section.

Please see the rates below, as well as some great range membership and pre-paid options. Note that the facility’s hours may vary from day to day according to the weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, but as a guideline, the hours are as follows:

Summer - (1 November to 28 February) - 07h00 to 18h00 (Last balls)

Autumn / Winter / Spring (1 March to 31 October) – The opening and closing times will be set between 07h00 and 08h00, and 16h45 and 17h45 respectively as a guideline, and according to the available daylight hours on any specific day. Please inquire on 021 880 0103 for daily times. The closing times may also be slightly earlier over weekends and public holidays.

You will kindly be requested to stop hitting balls on the practice tee 30 minutes after the last balls time, in order to allow for enough daylight for ball collection. Kindly plan your practice session accordingly. You are most welcome to chip on the chipping green or putt on the putting green with your own balls until dark.

Furthermore, note that the practice facility is a cashless facility, no cash will be accepted. Tickets can be purchased with cash in the pro shop only.

Last but not least, should you be so fortunate to be able to make a golf ball fly further than 220 meters, you will kindly be asked not to hit any club that will send the ball more than that distance, as there are tee-boxes situated beyond the far end of the facility, rendering it a dangerous situation for the longer ball flights.


Ball Buckets:
50 Balls - (Members) – R35
50 Balls - (Visitors) – R45

Unlimited Balls Option:
Members – R350/month or R3500/annum

Range Memberships option for visitors:
R 1475/annum (includes membership card entitling you to members rates for buckets of balls, discounts on food & beverage, as well as a gate entry card), can also be paid off monthly.

Range Membership (as described above) with unlimited balls option for visitors:
R470/month or R4700/annum

Practice Facility