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Coach: Erich Kliem (Head PGA Professional) & Pierre de Villiers (PGA Trainee)

Ability levels: All levels

Duration: 40 minutes (Pierre) or 50 minutes (Erich). Can take place on the course or on the range.

Programme Content: An assessment is the only logical way to find out where you are with all elements of your game at any point in time (technical, mental & equipment wise), and to find out what can be done in order to bring about improvements, or which program would be most suitable for you.

Number of participants: Should ideally be taken individually to ensure efficiency.

Times: Head PGA Professional: Week days at flexible times as well as on alternate weekends. PGA Trainee: Limited times during week days. On-course sessions are subject to availability.

Cost: R570/50 minutes (Erich) and R285/40 minutes (Pierre). As shown on the price list, the assessment is included in the package of your choice. The rate includes range balls, equipment, video analysis as well as any time spent on the golf course. Erich can also include launch monitor analysis.

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